Sunday, April 20, 2008

Curious George!

Happy Sunday!

I had read in the newspaper that Curious George was going to be at Barnes & Noble yesterday, so we made a trip to meet him and take some pictures. Malia was into it, but Alex was happy just waving at him from afar. :) Afterwards, the kids each got to pick out a new book! Yippee!

Malia had been wanting to go to a pet store for quite awhile (big treat I know), so there was one close by and we walked over there after the Curious George "event". This pet store didn't have dogs or cats, but there were birds, bunnies, ferrets, fish, hermit crabs, lizards, mice and snakes. It was VERY exciting for the kids, especially Alex. We picked out a few new toys for Coco and some everyone was happy. Malia really wanted to buy a ball of string for Coco, but we didn't find one. I haven't told her that I could quickly make one....................bad mom!

Here are a couple of pictures from meeting Curious George.
I'm adding a picture of one of our squirrel friends eating the bagel covered with peanut butter & birdseed that Malia made at school.

Have a great day~~~~

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