Thursday, September 21, 2006

2nd Annual Sand Dollar Auction ~

This past weekend we attended the 2nd Annual Sand Dollar Dinner & Auction to benefit the Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler.

It was a great event for an excellent cause (check out website for more information on the above). We won all sorts of interesting things at the auction :O). Our Fall Harvest Entertaining "basket" was a fun thing to by our house in the next couple of weeks to see some of the fun decorations that were included. Can't wait to dress up the house for fall.

We are planning our donation for the 3rd annual dinner/auction (Sept 2007). If you are interested in doing the same, let us know. Some sort of theme basket/gift sounds fun to me...hmmmmm....the wheels are turning. :) The clinic was something very dear to Glen Downs, and he served on the Board of Directors. You can donate to the "Glen Downs Memorial Fund" as well (to provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it along the coast).

Here are a couple of pictures of the winery where the auction was held. Very cute!!

Looking forward to next year....but we have all agreed the auctioneer needs to GO! Ugh.

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