Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Our First Camping Trip

Whew! We did it! We survived our first camping trip. And, I think it was a success!
So, it wasn't exactly "roughing it", but it was perfect for us. The cabin even had heat and electricity. I was able to bring a little 4 cup coffee maker - ahhhhhhh. Heaven. The kids loved each and every minute of the trip. There were places to ride bikes near the cabins.

We had a campfire in the morning and also at night. (The weather turned a little cool at the start of our trip). The above picture is our first morning campfire. Notice Malia has some 1/2 pajama, 1/2 outfit creation on. :)

There were trails to hike - and I do mean hike. Some were more steep than I was expecting. Good for the legs though! For some reason Ella only seemed to want ME to carry her on the way back UPHILL. I did what I could...but Rourke had to a lot of the uphill shoulder rides with her.

We went to a Ranger talk and then took a field trip to the beaver pond/dam. It was really beautiful. Rourke even spotted a nutria. I didn't even think he was paying attention! I learned that nutria are really destructive animals and can overtake the beaver habitats quickly. Male/female nutria pairs have to be split up FAST!

We even found a playground near the east campground - where the real tent/camper people stay. :)

We had fun cooking over the campstove. We tried to travel light, so I was happy to get home to a bigger selection of ingredients and tools to cook with!

Here is Malia with a few of the friends she and Alex made. It was very kid friendly. The kids were exhausted every night!

After S'mores, we moved on to the Jiffy Pop Popcorn. The kids and "neighbors" from cabin 1 had fun eating and telling spooky stories in the dark (well, next to the campfire and with the porch light on!).

So..........overall it was a great time! I was a little freaked out by the sign that said "You are in bear and cougar country" when we got there. But was almost over it by the time we left...until the guy in the next cabin said he saw a mountain lion on a trail that morning. Great!!
Okay, got to run.
Have a great day!

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