Friday, February 19, 2010

Meeting Baby Norah...and a Card :)

Well, it's been forever since I last posted. For some reason the past few weeks have been busy with daily life. Nothing too big - just stuff.

I do want to say "Happy Belated Birthday" to my brother Bryon who celebrated his big day on Feb 15th. Here he is 2nd from the left:
On Feb 1st we took a drive up to Ridgefield, WA to meet my Niece Kim and her husband Brandon's new baby girl Norah Marie. (This is my brother Bryon's oldest daughter).

Here are a few pictures of the kids meeting Norah for the first time.

That's Norah's big brother Carson on the far left:

It looks like Ella is ready to hit Norah (above) - but she wasn't. She was just mad that it wasn't her turn to hold her anymore. She didn't want to give her up to Alex. :)

Isn't Norah a cutie???

I asked the kids if they would like another baby right as I snapped this picture - can you see Malia's excited reaction here??? (Sorry kids, we are done!)

This is an aerial picture of me holding Norah, along with my own 3 kids. Yikes!! It stresses me out a little to imagine myself with 4 kids. I love kids - but just not sure I could do a good job raising 4 of them!! :) My kids **LOVED** seeing and holding Norah. They wanted another baby after that. Ella got mad if anyone else tried to hold her and just wanted to kiss her.Here is a picture of the ladies - That's Kim on the far left. Doesn't she look fabulous for having a baby 3 weeks old???? WOW! is the card I made to congratulate & welcome the baby's arrival. It's "Mamabella" from I would love to own all of their stamps. A girl can dream.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully the weather will be nice wherever you are. I think it's suppose to be sunny here. Yippeee!



Kandi said...

Oh, baby Norah is so adorable! Love that photo of Ella kissing her. Wow Kim looks awesome, I'd never guess she just had a baby! I look like I just had a baby and it's only been almost 7 years! lol

Love the bella card too!

Brandon said...

just catching up on your blog : ) i love those pictures. your kids were so cute with her!! she's growing fast...hope to see you guys soon!!