Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visa Aquarium TV Commercial

Have you seen this commercial? Is it just me or isn't it one of the greatest you've seen in awhile? This may sound sappy, but on some days it can even make me cry, okay, not cry - but get teary. I think the song must be from the 70's - it makes me think back to my childhood! Not that we ever went to a cool aquarium like that. ;)

Thoughts on the commercial?

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full of bliss said...

I just found your blog through Elizabeth's(Creative Breathing)blog. Congratulations on winning one of her sweet creations. You have a lovely blog and you photos are just wonderful! Now, about this commercial, I was just telling my mom how much I loved it! I think your right it's the music and of course all the beautiful imagery that get me.
Hope you have a lovely day!