Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to My SISTER!!!

Okay, so this is REALLY late. I have been super behind on everything lately......blogging is one of those things.

Monday was my sister Kathy''s birthday. We went out to lunch with our mom to PANERA. It was my first time there (I don't get out much these days!), and it was really good. We all ended up having the potato soup - I had mine in a bread bowl. Yum!

So - here is my special post for my sister!! (I don't think she really reads our blog......but I feel bad anyway)..

Name: Kathy

Relationship: My one & only SISTER!

Factoids: OSU Beaver Believer & she loves Heath Blizzards from DQ

Hope it was SPECTACULAR! :)

Love -


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