Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally.....Some ETSY Love!

Hello! How is everyone? We have all been a little sick this past week, but are now feeling better. I had a rough day the other know you're sick when **any** sound makes your head throb a little harder and **any** sight of food, real life, on a commercial, etc. makes you gag. Ugh. Getting the mail was a chore.........not to mention trying to take care of 3 kids. Thank God that day is over! It makes you really appreciate your good health ! :)

Now that Christmas is over (well, almost......we are doing another "make up" Christmas today with 1/2 of the in-laws)........I have been working on some Valentine treats for my ETSY SHOP! I love hearts, polka dots, red & I am hoping to get lots of things made and out of my system before it's too late.
Have a great Saturday. I've got to run. Last minute clean up and stuff to do before our guests arrive.

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Kandi said...

How fun! I LOVE all of your new Etsy goodies!!