Friday, July 29, 2011

A Wedding Story.....

My nephew Kevin married Lauren last weekend at the Gorge Crest Vineyards
It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to! 
It made me want to have a wedding re-do myself.

From the pretty/vintage-chic/crafty decorations.
 To the country/cottage charm of the flowers and place settings.... 

To the unbelievable view...I loved it all!

The kids had fun playing in the grass, and hanging out in the special "hammock" area under the tall pine trees.

 Here is my Niece Kim's son Carson and the flower girl.   Aren't they adorable?  Love his hat!
 The wedding party...
(that's my Niece Toni coming down first).

Just Married!  Lauren & Kevin.  Her dress was amazing, along with the flower in her hair.
 Another shot of the table.......
 And the homemade jam, lovingly made for the wedding favors.

 On the edge of the lawn, overlooking the vineyard and Mt. Hood.  I was ready to move in!
 Fun at dinner!  Alex & Cousin Ryan.
 Rourke & Malia.
 Ryan, my Sister Kathy, and her husband Dean.
 My Mom & Ella.
 A view from outside looking in.
 Love how the bride & groom chairs were decorated. :)

After dinner, champagne toasts, and berry cobbler dessert, everyone hit the dance floor. 
Here's a blurry picture of Malia cutting a rug with Grandma Jan.

Now the happy couple is in Bali for 2 weeks!
Congratulations to Lauren & Kevin.



Kim Garlington said...

oh linda!!! you got some GREAT pictures!! i was kicking myself for not having more of the actual wedding and the decor, so glad you posted this! i'll have to link my wedding post to yours (whenever i get around to it!) : ) looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks again!

Tara McArthur said...

I keep meaning to comment on these! They are got some good shots!