Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Recap

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! I cannot believe how much candy we have in the house. It's a constant battle to keep myself ...and the kids out of it! I'm sure my dentist will love me even more on the next visit ($$ cha ching $$).

Here are a few pictures from Easter. The morning started off with a little egg hunt in the house - the Easter Bunny has hid eggs in the house every year - it seems to usually be wet on Easter morning. Malia & Alex waited somewhat patiently for Ella to wake up ---- but had scoped out the view from upstairs quite a bit before then.

I call these first 2 pictures "A little egg-cited" (ha ha):
Here's Alex trying out his crazy glasses and nose the Easter Bunny left in his basket. I tried them on too - and Malia took a picture. Pretty scary first thing in the morning pre-shower and in pjs with these glasses on. It's scary enough withOUT the glasses! I couldn't delete it fast enough.After baths for the kids and a little nap for Ella, we headed out to my Dad's for another egg hunt, but this one was outside! The first one our kids have ever participated in. (we tried last year, but that's a long story). We made it just in time - before the rain started. It was a little windy, but dry! No complaints here. :)We even got to visit the 2 cows that belong to the neighbor. This one was the loud one. I feared he would manage to get over the fence and charge us. He seemed hungry and not too happy. In my mind I was starting to form a plan as to what I would do - which of the kids I would try to save first. lol. (or not).All the fun and excitement can be a lot to take when you are 4. Alex took a little siesta with Gramps. We were all pretty tired to be honest. :)

I may need to bury all the candy in the backyard.

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