Sunday, May 18, 2008

The "Duck Park"

A couple of Sundays ago (I am so bad with dates and posting promptly after taking pictures!).............we went to a duck park to feed the ducks and play ball. Unfortunately there were signs about every 5 feet that said "DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS", so we didn't dare even try. Once you start, you can't hide that you are feeding them....there were tons of ducks and geese. They would have been swarming us. It was like a mine field of poop there, but it was a gorgeous day and the water was pretty.

We stopped by another little park on the way home that doesn't have "no feeding the ducks" rules and unloaded our bag of bread. :)

HAPPY SUNDAY! I'm glad it will be cooler here today. The heat is a killer...and my feet & legs were swollen & huge last night. Nice!

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