Monday, August 20, 2007

Pacific City In July ~ 2 Trips

July was a busy month! These pictures are out of order......I took the kids to PC in early July with my Mom, Sister Kathy & Niece Kelli. It was beautiful weather there and was close to 97 degrees when we left (that was when it was sooooo hot back in Portland). We had a fun time on the beach and went down to Lincoln City to shop at the outlets and have dinner at Mo's. **Yum!**

In mid-July we headed down for a quick weekend trip for Dory Derby Days. Here are a few pictures from the parade on Saturday. The weather wasn't all that great, but it actually didn't rain during the parade. It was a good day for C-A-N-D-Y......and the parade etiquette was much better than the 4th of July parade in Hillsboro. :)

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