Monday, July 30, 2007

Fourth of July Festivities!

July has been a busy month! We started off by going to Peggy's in Nehalem for the annual "reunion" weekend (before July 4th). The first pictures are from then (and we visited the beach in Bay City too). Isn't the picture of Malia & Jacob so cute?? He is the son of Peggy's friend Sally...and they get along great. They look like they could be brother/sister.

The next pictures are from the July 4th parade in Hillsboro. It was a HOT one.....but we had fun. My 2 beefs from the parade: 1. Why don't the jets fly over anymore at the start of the parade? 2. Where is the parade/candy getting etiquette? Don't people know the space in front of the curb you are sitting on is YOUR CANDY GETTING SPACE??? Please teach your kids this. It is so annoying! :O)

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