Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Zoo Trip!

I'm a little behind at getting these posted...we took a trip to the zoo 2 weeks ago with Mindi, Mia & James. It ended up being a little colder up there than we expected.......but it was a good time nonetheless. (is that how you spell that?) Mia & Malia have so much fun together......Alex and James strolled along in their strollers. Someday soon they will hopefully play as well together as Malia & Mia. Here are a few pictures. I always take too many... I had to throw in a shot of the giraffes, which are my favorites! ;O) We were hoping to see the special "Black Bear" exhibit, but unfortunately it was closed on the day we were there. It was fun to see a huge black bear next to the brown bear (fake/stuffed) by the gift shop. Malia really didn't want anything to do with it........I couldn't get her to stand between his legs for a picture. :) The day ended with Mia & Malia getting souvenir pennies that were stamped with an elephant and monkey.

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