Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Snow!!

Woo-Hoo! We FINALLY got some real snow. I can't believe it! I knew there was a chance, but didn't get my hopes up...and we woke up to snow falling. Okay, Rourke wasn't as jazzed about the snow, as he had to get to Newberg. Luckily he leaves early, and missed the bad part. He's on his way home now with a new pair of chains he bought at lunch. :)

Malia, Alex and I went out for a bit this morning. Here are a few pictures. The snowfall was starting to taper off.........but here are some pics. I tried to get a shot of Alex ONLY, while I was holding him - It didn't work out so great. (Excuse the cones in our yard - Verizon is doing work in our neighborhood, and our house must be on top of the "command center". Yesterday they dug up the corner of our yard and had their Ditch Witch and other big equipement up on the grass, caution tape roping off our yard, etc. NICE!)

Enjoy the snow!


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